Pet Sitting


We offer a professional house and pet sitting

                   service in the UK and Europe

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  •  We do pet sitting too!


Pet owners know that many pets hate going into kennels or catteries - and some animals can't be put into kennels!

Pet sitting is probably a misnomer as we can care for a variety of animals that would not necessarily come into the 'pet' bracket!

We have experience of dogs, cats, birds, fish, horses, pigs, sheep, poultry and a variety of small mammals, to name just a few! As mentioned on the 'About Us' page, Phil completed a smallholders course at Reaseheath Agricultural College in Cheshire.



  • No fees for most sits

Unlike many pet sitters, we do not normally charge for our services: pet sitting is usually part of the deal when we house sit for you. 

Occasionally we feel that a house sitting assignment will warrant a small charge, for example if there are a large number of animals to care for, or stabled horses requiring mucking out, grooming or rugging up.

Bear in mind the fact that you'll normally pay upwards of £15 a day to put your pooch into kennels, or around £150 a week for holiday livery. And in both of those circumstances, your home is standing empty and your lawn is not being cut!

Any fee will be agreed upfront by both parties, not sprung on you at the end.


  • Contact us

For more information, fill in the Contact Form, or telephone Phil and Donna on 078999 36158 (UK)

Please provide as much information as possible on your initial contact, especially about the number and breed of animals. We may not be the right people for you, and the sooner we know that the better, as we can probably point you in the right direction to find someone else!

We look forward to hearing from you.


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